Oriental Orthodox Community in Burlington, Vermont
(Coptic, Syrian, Ethiopian, and Armenian)
St. Mary & Archangel Rafael Family
 Who we are?


    Welcome to our Web Site!!!! 

    We are delighted that you have visited us.  On this page, you will find information on who we are, what we do, as well as contact information if you are new to the Burlington area, and are interested in getting to know your brothers and sisters in the oriental orthodox church.

          Please contact us at:  coptic_vt@hotmail.com

          We participated this past weekend in the Coptic Youth Convetion in 
          Sherbrooke, Canada.  It was truly a touching experience and we 
           were very  fortunate to have been part of it.  Below is a link to some 
           picutres from the convention.

            2001 Coptic Convetion in Canada